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HSBC Private banking

Typically, advertising for private banking services is filled with leather chairs, oak clad offices and the odd private jet.
HSBC needed to break the mold and prove to customers that a global bank can actually work in the favor of their personal needs.
We let art photographers Christopher Anderson and Sophie Ebrard freely interpret the creative brief ‘illuminating worlds outside your world’, resulting in a gallery exhibition, a coffee table book, and a global campaign.


Best Print Advertising 2019 - Le Book NYC


Creative Review


örebro sportklubb merch

Regrettably, I’m a supporter of the least successful professional football club in Sweden. As if suffering over 90 minutes of football each week wasn’t enough, I occasionally spend my spare time making DIY merch for them.



Norton security - RAISE YOUR VOICE

Nine out of ten kids who are cyberbullied never actually tell an adult. By talking to real victims and their families we hoped to inspire people to start a conversation in their own homes about what happens online.


Gold / Branded Content / Addy / 2017


AdWeek, Creativity, The Drum, Little Black Book


the flammable business card

American dive bars have a special place in my heart, and if I ever become one in the life after this I imagine its matchbooks would look something like these.



ee - the 5g reality check

For the release of 5G in the UK, we hit the high street to see if people even know what it is.



San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood is an odd place where drug addicts, artists, homeless people, students, and low income citizens live shoulder to shoulder smack in the middle of an otherwise very affluent city.

This unique mix of people makes for an area unlike anywhere else––where tragedy and despair is all around, but smiles and laughter always wait around the corner.

After living in the TL for four years we decided to document the particular spirit of the neighborhood, and created a fanzine in its honor.


Adobe Design Achievement Awards / 2016


the norton router - Hacker Hill

We were tasked with creating an activation for the release of Norton Security’s very first router, which secures all devices connected to its network.
To showcase the vulnerabilities of an unprotected smart home, we created a haunted house where real people could stay overnight, and unknowingly be haunted by cybercrime instead of ghosts.


verizon - the worst

There are two ways of going about life––better or worse. Worse is the pathway to constant disappointment, while Better is for people who expect more in life.

Verizon claims that better matters, so we showed how life turns out for people who choose worse.