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humans will be humans

Humans will be humans. Naturally we’ll lose a phone or two, and use them in places we shouldn't. But that’s okay.
People want to be people. We like what we like, do what we do, and get a little carried away sometimes.

We created a fully integrated campaign to drive awareness for Samsung's mobile security, speaking to humans the way humans speak to each other. Because it's too easy to get caught up in technical details when all people really need to know is that Samsung Knox keeps them safe.


Merit / Television - Short Form - Single / One Show / 2018

Merit / Television - Short Form - Campaign / One Show / 2018

Merit / Online Films & Video - Short Form - Campaign / One Show / 2018

Merit / User-Generated Content / One Show / 2018


/ 89.9 million impressions across Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Wired
/ Average video completion rate of 64%
/ 840,000 click-throughs to the Samsung Knox hub on (55% higher than the industry benchmark).
/ 2.5x higher consideration for the Knox platform, 3x higher preference for the Samsung brand overall.